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Labyrinthy goodness
Posted on 2017.04.17 at 06:33
I'm still here.

Labyrinthy goodness
Posted on 2015.05.20 at 08:33
I miss the days when I could write something here and somebody would read it.

Labyrinthy goodness


Posted on 2014.11.18 at 01:40
Been forever. It's pretty telling how dead this site is that my friends feed is freaking EMPTY.
Sad times. I miss this place.

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TV Locations:

Posted on 2013.11.05 at 00:05

Beacon central office - Destiny, Illinois
Nile caverns -  Kenya/Tanzania border, Ethiopia


Fountain of Youth - St Augustine, Florida
Abandoned cottage (Baba Yaga's) - Black Forest, Germany
Etowah Burial Mounds - Georgia
Bermuda Triangle - Gulf of Mexico
Easter island


Abandoned Boarding School (Blake Holsey High) - Southern Ontario
Abandoned Marine Research Facility (ORCA) -
Mako Island - New Zealand
Tomorrow Island - South Pacific Ocean
Mysterious crater (Sunnydale) - Southern California
Anubis House - Liverpool, England
Abandoned Chemical Plant (Paradise Valley Chemical) - Paradise Valley, California
Sunshine Motel - Gallup, New Mexico
Carnovasch Manor - Nipawomsett, New Hampshire
'Tax records' warehouse - Univille, South Dakota
Fablehaven - Connecticut
Whipstaff Manor - Friendship, Maine
Collinwood Mansion -  Collinwood, Maine
Trinity, South Carolina
Storybrooke, Maine
Derry, Maine
Eerie, Indianna
Port Niranda, Western Australia
Passamaquoddy, Maine
Twin Peaks, Washington

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TV segments...

Posted on 2013.09.08 at 04:26
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Sitting in the alley was what appeared to be a box made entirely from rust, perched more or less atop four bald black tires. It could have been called a car, but only if one was extremely liberal with the definition.
"What is THAT?" Taryn demanded.
"It's a 1960 DeSoto Adventure two-door convertible," Ricou replied, fishing a key fob from his coveralls pocket and disengaging the alarm with a resounding BEEPBEEP.
"It's a what now?"
"It's a car," John replied flatly in his dry-paper voice. "Or it was once."
"It's also an Alpha-Class Artifact," Benny replied, endeavoring to cram his massive frame into the back seat.
Taryn eyed the deathtrap critically. What remained of its paint job suggested that it had once been black-and-white, with some sort of logo emblazoned on the doors, though that logo had long since waved farewell to any legibility it once might have had. The surface of its trunk bore the telltale paper-and-adhesive remnants of having once been haphazardly covered with decals that had been carelessly torn off. It also boasted an impressive scattering of what looked suspiciously like bulletholes.
"What's it do?" she asked, pointedly not taking any action that could be construed as getting in. "Besides collect rust?"
"For one thing, it's indestructible," Ricou replied. "Never breaks down, never needs gas or maintenance. but more importantly, it can go anywhere."
"Anywhere," Benny confirmed. "We found it on the moon."
"The moon," the sasquatch confirmed "Earth's moon. Just West of Mare Imbrium."
"Just get in already," John hissed impatiently.
With a reluctant sigh, Taryn slunk into the shotgun seat, reaching for the seatbelt and completely failing to be even remotely surprised when she discovered it to be missing.
Ricou turned the ignition and the deathtrap sputtered to life.
The next thing Taryn knew, they were pulling to a halt in a tiny parking lot.
"About time," she complained. "I've had to piss for like three hours."
Ricou chuckled. "Check your watch."
Taryn did so...and then did so again, blinking. "But...that's..."
"We were in the car for less than a minute," the fish-man confirmed. 
"It feels like it took HOURS," Taryn protested. "And we must have traveled..."
"From Destiny to *****," Benny said. "About **** miles or so."
"***** miles," John corrected, stretching stiffly.
"AND we crossed the Atlantic ocean," Ricou pointed out. He patted the hood affectionately. "I love this car."
Taryn desperately tried to recall any details about the trip itself, but other than the vague impression that it had been a long, boring, uncomfortable car ride, drew a blank.
"You get used to it," Benny assured her.
"Some people do," John snapped.


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Indigo. Why?

Posted on 2013.02.17 at 08:20
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You know, as much as I like the color Indigo (it's probably my second favorite color, after Gold), I must admit: I'm a little confused as to its status.
Any idiot looking at a rainbow can plainly see that there are only SIX clearly differentiated bands; the three primary colors (Blue, Yellow, and Red) and the three secondary colors that lie between them (Green, Orange, and Violet). If we're to grant ONE of the intermediate colors that lies between a Primary and Secondary its own Band-Of-The-Rainbow status, why not the rest? Why not Rust (RedOrange), Amber(OrangeYellow), Chartreuse(YellowGreen), Aqua(GreenBlue), or Magenta(VioletRed)?
Just who the hell did Indigo sleep with to GET this promotion?

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Another night...

Posted on 2013.01.09 at 21:53

At work again. Yippee skippee.
When I called in tonight, I got offered another shift: tomorrow, 9-5 a Watco. in other words, just like my Friday shift. I agreed, but I had to speficy that I was covering it THIS week, not agreeing to work every Thursday in perpetuity from here on out. It's been long sinceestablished that if I work more than three days in a row, I start getting downright unpleasant towards the end of the week, and getting my ass fired really doesn't appeal.
Birthday was amazing. Skitty took me out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, then to see Les Mis.
Which, by the way, was every bit as awesome as I expected. I even saw a couple of my favorite broadway numbers performed that I had no idea belonged to that show. Sigh. My musical education is so sadly lacking.
In the wake of the loss of City of Heroes, I've taken refuge in Skyrim. It's acceptably awesome, if a little too plagued by path-obstructive mountains. Many's the time Jazhera (my new Kahjit avatar) and I have been struggling to scale a slope and I found myself wistfully picturing how easily Cotterpin could have simply leapt over the whole damn rock.
Been working on various Ranger props again. Budget constraints are no kinder than they have ever been, but I'm happy just to be putting parts together. I've been focusing on the Dragoon armor lately, likely a result of it being on the mannequin locted in my bedroom, and therefore the one I most find myself having to look at.
JaxHax facilities lend themselves to the creation of prop weaponry. I've become reasonably adept at turnin planks of wood into toy swords via bandsaw and belt sander, and I'm pretty sure this will translate well to making Ranger weapons. I've already begun work on the Black Ranger's axe, and it's...well. It's not a complete failure. I'll post pics when it's a little further along.
Skitty's spent the last several months working to enlist in the navy. She leaves for boot camp sometime in April, after which she'll go poof for half a decade or so. It's gonna be a loooong five years.
Need to start planning out this year's garden. It needs to be entirely, or almost entirely, backyard-based. I'd like to set up a small aquaponics system, something Skitty already has some practice with and can help me out. I also need to build a quail coop, sized to fit atop the rabbit hutch.
That's right...we're gonna raise quails. Meat and eggs, free of charge...well, nearly. Still need to buy birdseed. Although I might be able to grow some of that, as well. I know I can grow sunflowers, and corn can't be too tricky.
Oh...and this year, whatever we set up in Elf's backyard will be done properly.  Nothing like last year's debacle. Assuming he's even still willing to let us garden back there.
Remind me to have Hidhap take another stab at getting rid of that bush next to the front door. I'm going to get berry bushes to grow there if it kills me.

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Birthday Wish List 2013

Posted on 2012.12.07 at 01:34

                                                Jareth’s Wish List

            Action Figures

1. Twisted Land of Oz figures (Winged Monkeys) *****

2. American Mcgee's Alice figures (Caterpillar, Mad Hatter, TweedleDee, TweedleDum, Card Guard) *****

3. Reboot figures (Hack, Slash, Frisket, Phong, Matrix, GlitchBob) ***

4. Vintage Centurions figures w/ weapons systems (Jake Rockwell, Ace McCloud, Max Ray)*****

5. Vintage Megaman figures circa 1995 (Megaman, Rush, Protoman, Gutsman, Snakeman, Elecman, Cutman, Bombman, Brightman, Drillman) ****


            1. Disney animated movies on DVD (Bambi, The Lady and the Tramp, The Jungle Book, Tarzan, Alice in Wonderland, Pinnochio, Beauty and the Beast, Lilo and Stitch, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Fantasia, The Aristocats, Robin Hood, The Fox and the Hound, The Emperor’s New Groove, Home on the Range, Oliver & Company, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, The Princess and the Frog) *****

            2. American Beauty (DVD) ***

            3. Mallrats (DVD) ****

            4. Chasing Amy (DVD) ****

            5. Troll (DVD) ****

            6. James and the Giant Peach (DVD) ***     

7. 10 Things I Hate About You (DVD) ***

8. Moulin Rouge (DVD) ***

9. Hook (DVD) **

10. Beetlejuice (DVD) **

11. Serenity (DVD) *****

12. Clerks 2 (DVD) *****

13. V For Vendetta (DVD) *****

14. The Brothers Grimm (DVD) ****

15. Fraggle Rock seasons 3 & up (DVD) *****

16. The Muppet Show Seasons 3 & up (DVD) *****

17. Tales from the Neverending Story volume 2 (DVD) ***


1. Escape to Witch Mountain **

2. Return from Witch Mountain **
3, Wired ****

4. Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher *

5. Skullduggery Pleasant book 6: Death Bringer (hardback) *****

6.  Mindwarp #10 *****

7. Ishmael *****

8.  My Ishmael *****

9. The Story of B *****

10. The Holy *****

11. Abarat book III: Absolute Midnight *****

12 Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel book 5: The Warlock ****

13. Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel book 6: The Enchantress ****

14. City of Heroes ****

                        Graphic Novels

1. The Man Who Grew Young ****





1. Gold/white gold ear cuffs (1 of each) *****

2. Credit at The Ring Lord (chainmail supplies) *****

3. External USB hard drive (1 Tb or larger) *****

4. Books-a-Million credit ****

5. Chroma-key greenscreen *****

6. Nintendo DS Lite (Black) ****

7. Pokemon games: Fire Red, leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald (GBA cartridges), Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, White, Black 2, Soul Silver (DS cartridges) ****

8. Final Fantasy VI (GBA game cartridge) ****

9. PlayStation 3 (game console) *****

                  10. InFamous (PS3 game) ****

                  11. Prototype (PS3 game) ****

                  12. Batman: Arkham Asylum

                  13. Batman: Arkham City

14. Nintendo 3DS (black or blue) *****

                  15. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance *****

16. Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded (DS game) ****

17. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PS2 game) ****
18. Freeloader pro Solar phone charger ****
19. Credit at Jo Anne's fabrics

20. Credit at Ace Hardware/Lowe’s/Home depot

                        Household Furnishings/Supplies

1. Bookshelves ****

2. Flat-screen TV *****

3. Poster frames ***

                        Sentai/Tokusatsu Merchandise

            1. Ryukendo DX Madan Dagger ***** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/ryukendo_weapons.html)

            2. Ryukendo DX Gekiryuken ***** (same link)

            3. Ryukendo DX Gou Ryugun ***** (same link)

            4. RyuKendo DX Madan Magnum ***** (same link)

            5. RyuKendo DX ZanRyuJin *****

            6. Justirisers In-Loader Kageri **** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/justirisers.html)

            7. Justirisers In-Loader Gant **** (same link)

            8. Justirisers In-Loader Glen **** (same link)

            9. Gransazers Cloud Dragon **** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/gransazers.html)

10. Gransazers DX Daisazer **** (same link)

            11. Horo-Sniper **** (same link)

                                                Power Rangers and Related Merchandise

(The crappiest thing from this list would be a better gift than the most awesome thing from the list above.)

            1. Storm Striker (Weapon) **

            2. Ninja Thunder Cannon (Weapon) **

            3. Turbo Morphers (4) ****

            4. Power Morphers (7) *****

            5. Z-Rex Blaster (Weapon) **

            6. Quasar Sabers (Weapon, 5) *****

            7. Deer Zord ***** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/gaorangers.html - Gao Deer)

            8. Quantasaurus Rex *****

            9. Lightning Cruiser (Zord) *****

            10. Storm Blaster (Zord) *****

            11. Mighty Mammoth (Zord) ***** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/hurricaneger.html - DX Revolver Mammoth)

            12. Omega Megazord *****

            13. Titanium Morpher ****

            14. Thundersaurus Morpher **

15. Thundersaurus Megazord ***** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/abarangers.html - DX Bakuryu Gattai Aba Ren Oh) 

            16. Brachio Zord ***** ( Same link - Brachiosaur)

            17. Ankylozord ***** (Same link - Ankylo Bayrus)

18. Parazord ***** (Same link - Parasaurokill)

            19. Chephalozord  *****  (Same link – Pakikero Knuckles)

            20. Dimetrozord ***** (Same link - Dime Noko Don)


            21. Mezodon Megazord ***** (Same Link - DX Max Oija)

            22. SPD Command Megazord ***** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/dekarangers.html - DX Deka Base Robo)

            23. Supreme Megazord ***** (Same link - DX Deka Wing Robo)

            24. Omegamax Cycle (Zord) ***** (Same link - DX Deka Bike Robo)

            25. Space Patrol Set (Zord) **** (Same link - Blast Buggy)

            26. Lights of Orion (Weapon set, 5) *** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/gingaman.html - Heavy Armor Set)

            27. Solar Streak Megazord ***** (same link - DX Travelion Megazord)

            28. Grip Phone *** (same link)

            29. DX Magi Phone *** (same link)

            30. DX Magi Phone Silver Edition *** (same link)

                  31. Falcon Summoner ***

                  32. Growl Phone ***

                  33. Crystal Sabers (5) ***

                  34. Super Silverizer ****

                  35. R.I.C. Striker ****

                  36. Thundermax Sabers (2) *****

                  37. Magna Saber **** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/gingaman.html - Bolt Riot)

            38. D-Swordbega **** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/dekarangers3.html)

            39. SP License *** (same link)

            40. Master License *** (same link)

            41. Blay Throttle *** (same link)

            42. R.I.C.-Robotic Interactive Canine **** (same link - Deka Ranger Dbazooka )

            43. Accellular *** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/boukengers3.html)

            44. Saga Sniper *** (same link)

            45. Dual Crusher *** (same link)

            46. Daivoyager ***** (http://www.toysnjoys.com/boukengers.html)

            47. Siren Builder ***** (same link)

            48. Zubaan ***** (same link)

            49. Go-Onger Engine vehicles: Engine-Oh, Gunpherd, Barca, Carrigator, Triptor, Jetras, Jumbo Whale, Kyoretuoh Megazord ***** ( http://toysnjoys.com/enjinsentaigouonger_zords.html )

            50. RoboBorg (BeetleBorgs Mettalix) ***

51. DX Shinkenoh Megazord **** (http://toysnjoys.com/shinkenger_zords.html)

52. Kabuto Origami Zord *** (Same link)

53. Kakiri Origami Zord *** (Same link)

54. Tora Origami Zord *** (Same link)

55. DX Daikaioh Zord *** (Same link)

56. Shiziru 04 – Ikaori *** (Same link)

57. DX Juuken Gattai Geki Touja ***** (http://toysnjoys.com/gekirangers_megazords.html)

58. Geki Elephant 01 **** (Same link)

59. Geki Bat 02 **** (Same link)

60. Geki Shark 03 **** (Same link)

61. Geki Wolf 04 **** (Same link)

62. DX Juuken Gattai Geki Fire **** (Same link)

63. DX Saidao (Same link)

64. Juuken Gattai Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon set **** (Same link)

                                                Holy Grail Items

                                                (impossible to find)

1. Spiral Saber (Power Rangers in Space /Megaranger weapon – ‘Drill Saber’)

            2. Mantron figures w/ coins (Centipix and Scorpix)

            3. Astral Borgs figures w/ coins (Fireborg, Ladyborg, Dragonborg)

            4. Spheres (Karikiri Spheres - Numbers 9, 12, 13, 14 http://www.toysnjoys.com/hurricaneger2.html, set 6)

            5. Labyrinth music box (plays As The World Falls Down)

            6. Rail Rescue Bay (Power Rangers Zord Bay )

Labyrinthy goodness

Sad. :(

Posted on 2012.12.01 at 00:20

Today was the last day for City of Heroes. I got in as much gaming as I could, especially with Cotterpin, but had to leave to come to work. by the time I get home, it'll be gone.
Word has it, NCSoft is really hurting over this. They weren't expcting the backlash. Which confuses me...after geting a petition 20,000 signatures strong, did they really still think puling the plug, and refusing to release the IP to any of the interested parties, a good idea? That's 20,000 people who are almost garaunteed never to buy anything your company makes again, just because you've pissed them off. That's future players who'll think twice before buying anything you make, because now they know they can't trust you not to simply take the game back on a whim. That's a slew of investors who'll take their money elsewhere, because now they've seen what kind of business decisions they can expect from you. You hurt a lot of people, NCSoft, and you never even gave us a reason, so I really can't imagine why you ever expected any other result.
But I can't even work up a decent righteous fury. Too damned depressed. There was so much I hadn't done, so many badges still to get, parts of the game world I hadn't even seen yet.

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Labyrinthy goodness

PRN segment...

Posted on 2012.10.11 at 02:48
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"Galwit, Mysto, Prifior!"
As Angel held the key upright, a jagged line of gray lightning stabbedit way towards the clouds, a runic glyph etching itself across the sky. the spinning circle descended; somehow, without anything noticeably having shifted, the glyph that had seconds ago blocked out the heavens now seemed barely wider than the span of the Gray Ranger's arms as it passed through his body. size and scale shifted alarmingly, the lines of mystic light leaving behind a mettalic, inhuman body so much larger than the one it consumed that the collosal lion-dog seemed to leap to its full, 40-foot height.
"Mythica Fu!" Angel's thought-voice automatically invoked in booming tones that nearly deafened the poor wyrmling standing down at its feet.
Zoey shook her head, trying to clear the ringing inside her skull, as Fu stood its ground, the enormous reptile rapidly approaching.
As the two titans clashed, enormous teeth clamping down on enchanted metal, she grimaced, twirling the spear Angel had loaned and wonder how even a magical spear could possibly make any worthwhile impact on something that was just so gods-damned BIG.
Angel flinched, in surprise as much as pain, when the gator's teeth began to actually penetrate Fu's metalic skin, the metal bending and tearing beneath the crushing pressure of the animal's powerful jaws.
determined to give at least as well as he got, Angel clamped down with his own impressive teeth, sinking them into one of the giant lizard's forelegs, then proceeded to lash out with Fu's foreclaws, tearing deep gouges in the gator's thick hide.
The gator, thus distracted, failed to notice the relatively tiny humanoid scaling its opposite side with a spear clamped tightly between her teeth, sinking her small (but still magically sharp) finger-claws as deeply into its scales as they would penetrate and hauling herself up its body.
Upon reaching its back, Zoey began to run along its spine towards the gator's head, occasionally stumbling as its struggles with Mythica Fu would toss her to and fro. at one point, she found herself forced to sink her claws into one of the animal's spiny dorsal ridges and cling for dear life as the two enormous beasts rolled, only the depth of the furrow between the ridges and the soft, muddy soil preventing her from being crushed beneath the creature.
finally, she reached its head, and, spear still clamped between her teeth, extended her finger-claws as far as she could and began hacking her way through its scales, alternating with sweeping, diagonal swipes of her arms, slicing quickly through hide and muscle and leaving a deep X carved into the animal's skull.
THIS the gator noticed.

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